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There are approximately over 8.7 million Americans living overseas and although the population of US citizens living abroad is higher than the population of 40 individual states, their voice in Congress is non-existent.

This lack of representation has propelled Congress to pass unchallenged numerous tax legislations that have been characterized as confiscatory and punitive.

The expat community not only have to file income tax returns to report worldwide income but also have to comply with the filing of several informational tax returns such as FATCA and FBAR. Ignorance about the US tax laws is not an acceptable excuse for failing to file an informational tax return and the standard penalty for unintentionally failing one of these forms is $10,000. The penalties for intentionally failing to file is far more.



The United States is the only industrialized country in the world to tax the income of its citizens based on nationality rather than residency. The cost of professional help to stay in compliance with the complexity of the US tax laws can run into the thousands even when no taxes are owed.

Worldwide US Taxes is a US based company operated from New York and founded with the sole purpose of assisting Americans living abroad with their US tax compliance issues at the lowest possible price.

We understand the numerous challenges faced by expats of adapting to a new way of life in a foreign country.  At Worldwide US Taxes, we believe that being in compliance with the US tax system should not be one of them. We are here to remove the burden off your shoulder.


Our Experience

We’ve been helping US taxpayers with their US taxes for over 20 years. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of US expat taxation laws put us at the forefront of delivering quality expat tax preparation services.

We are committed to bringing unparalleled expat tax services at the lowest possible price.

IRS Credentials

We have unlimited practice rights to represent US taxpayers in front of the Internal Revenue Service as we have the highest credentials the IRS awards in this field. As recipient of these credentials, we are adhere to highest level of honesty and ethical standards.

New York State Registered Tax Return Preparer

We operate from New York, and as such, we are registered and regulated by the State of New York.  Every year, we must register with the state and obtain a Certificate of Registration in addition to a Tax Preparer Registration Identification Number (NYTPRIN).

As New York State Tax Return Preparers we are obligated to provide the highest professional standards required of our profession.