We are expatriate tax returns professionals trained and experienced on foreign earned income laws and regulations. Our tax experts have over 20 years of experience assisting expatriates with their US tax obligations.


  1. Federal Tax Returns – $295
  2. Overdue US Tax Returns – $295/Year
  3. Expat Tax Returns Review – $100
  4. Amended Tax Returns – $325


The rules for filing expatriate tax returns are generally the same as those related to regular tax returns. Expats are subject to the same income tax filing requirements that apply to U.S. citizens or resident aliens living in the United States. However, expatriates may qualify for certain exclusions, deductions and tax credits that may claim on their expatriate tax returns.


The IRS regulations related to expatriate tax returns are complex and confusing. For this reason, at the time of selecting a tax professional to prepare your income taxes, you must select a trusted professional who has expertise on foreign tax regulations.

Expatriate Tax Returns - Filing Requirements

Your income, filing status, and age generally determine whether you must file an income tax return. Generally, you must file a return for 2018 if your gross income from worldwide sources is at least the amount shown for your filing status in the following table

Filing Status Amount
Single $12,000
Single 65 or older $13,600
Head of household $18,000
Head of household  65 or older $19,600
Qualifying widow(er) $24,000
Qualifying widow(er) 65 or older $25,300
Married filing jointly $24,000
Married filing separately $4,050
Married filing jointly  one spouse 65 or older $25,300
Married filing jointly  both spouses 65 or older $26,600
Self-employed individuals – If your net earnings from self-employment are $400