Our Expat Tax Preparation Services

We specialize in Federal Tax Return Preparation for Americans living abroad. We have been helping US expatriates comply with IRS tax filing requirements for over 20 years. We offer all services related to expatriate tax – from advice on tax planning to the practicalities of fighting the IRS to reduce your back taxes.


You will have the assurance that your tax return will be prepared accurately and if you’re not 100% satisfied with our expat tax preparation service you do not have to pay us.

Expatriate Tax Returns

With over 20 years of experience you can have peace of mind knowing your expat taxes will be filed accurately and that your information will always be safe and secure.

  • Federal Tax Returns – $295
  • Overdue US Tax Returns – $295/Year
  • Expat Tax Return Review – $100
  • Amended Tax Returns – $350

Foreign/Offshore Banking Accounts

US Citizens are obligated by law to report any income generated from any offshore banking activities. Additionally, any person who has foreign accounts may be required to report these accounts to the IRS if their balances go over certain thresholds.

  • FBAR – Report of Foreign Bank Account – $65 for up to 10 Accounts
  • FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance – $75 for up to 5 Accounts

Offshore Business Tax Returns For US Expats

In addition to filing a US individual tax returns, expats may have other filing requirements if they operate a business or have investments in a business entity.

  • Sole Proprietorship/Self-Employed US Expats
  • Foreign Corporations/Form 5471 – $395
  • Foreign Partnerships/Form 8865 – $395